Is the birthday child included in the minimum price for ten players?
The party includes 10 guests plus the birthday child free.
What is the maximum number of players at a Laser Kingdom birthday party?
There is a maximum of 24 players allowed.
If a parent would like to play laser tag how much extra will it cost us?
2 adults can play free of charge. Each additional adult would cost $4.
On the flyer it states that the party includes pizza, soda, and birthday cake. How much pizza, birthday cake and soda are included?
We guarantee 1 slice of pizza per child that plays, 1 slice of birthday cake, and unlimited soda. (We also offer water or fruit punch)
What is the minimum or maximum age to play laser tag?
Players must be at least 5 years and older. Also there is no weight or height restriction.
Are the tokens for the arcade included with the party?
No, tokens are separate from the laser party but can be purchased at the token machine for 25¢ each. TOKENS MUST BE PURCHASED IN CASH, NO CREDIT.
How are balances for parties payable?
Party balances must be paid in either Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover.
I was wondering about changing the date of the party, what is the procedure following?
Deposits are non-refundable, any scheduling changes after then will result in losing your original deposit.
When should we let you know how many guests are attending and/or any add-ons such as pizza for parents or party favors?
You should call the day prior to your party. An exact number of guest is not needed just an estimate, you will only be charged for the guests that attend that day.
What happens if my child falls ill on the date of the party?
You are eligible to reschedule your party to a later date as long as a signed and dated note from a physician is presented.
Are gratuities for the party hostesses and laser tag referees included in the price?
No, gratuities are not included. However, they are greatly appreciated and pooled equally by all employees serving your party.
Can we bring in outside food or drink for our party?
NO pizza, soda, coffee or drinks. You are able to bring in your own cake other than Carvel, heros, wraps, and salad platters. NOTE: All the food must be prior approved by Laser Kingdom management.
Can we extend the party time?
Yes, an extra game can be added onto any party for $4 per player; this would extend your party 15 minutes.
Can I bring in a piñata, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, confetti, spin art, silly string, coffee machine?
No, due to insurance restrictions any item listed above is prohibited in Laser Kingdom party rooms.
When is the final balance due?
The final balance is due the day of the party.
Can I bring in balloons or decorations?
My child has food allergies?
In order to better serve you call and ask to speak to a manager.
Can I just walk around the areas while my child is playing laser tag?
No, due to insurance restrictions any one that enters the Laser Kingdom Arena must have a laser tag vest on. However there is a viewing window that parents are able to watch the children play.
Do I have to come to the location to reserve a Laser Kingdom party?
No, you can call and book over the phone.  Deposits can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or stopping in (some restrictions apply).